Peer Assessment of this blog

As the unit comes to an end we were asked to mark two other students work and they were to mark mine. I do agree with both comments about my blog as at that stage of marking as I was struggling to complete the last few posts and still needed a lot of tweaking until it was ready to submit on the due date. Chris made a good statement about using contractions in my work, I both agreed and disagreed with this statement as I wanted this blog to be as personal as possible but at the end on the day I agreed and changed the posts. Thank you to Chris and Rebecca for providing me with much needed feedback and helping me make my blog ready for submission.

This study period has been difficult for me to say the least with a lot happening in my study life and working life; but isn’t that always the way! I really enjoyed creating the blog and making it my own, this was my first blog but I do not believe it will be my last. The exciting thing is I can keep posting on this blog  by keeping it updated not just with examples of technology in the classroom but all things teaching and refer to it for future reference; like a more detailed/personalised Pinterest page! Through working on this unit it has really made me excited about eventually getting in a classroom and teaching with so many tools available to us, the extent on how much more we can achieve could be considered as endless.

Please follow the links below to review their marks of my blog:

Blog feedback from Chris Sneedon

Blog Feedback from Rebecca Watts

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