Week 8: What is lifelong learning in the digital age?

Global Citizenship:
It is not enough for education to produce individuals who can read, write and count (Global Education First Initiative, 2012). Education must be transformative and bring shared values to life but inside and outside of the classroom or lecture rooms (Global Education First Initiative, 2012). Education must help students to become active carers of the world and for those with whom we share it. It must also help students to be relevant in answering current economical and environmental questions (Global Education First Initiative, 2012). I believe to be a global citizen it requires transforming the way people think to act and create a generation that values the common good of the beautiful world we live in. To do this we must first understand how young people see the world today; our schools must find ways to foster a larger/whole vision.

Lifelong Learning:

Lifelong learning can loosely be defined as learning that is pursued throughout life; learning that is flexible, diverse and available at different times and in different places (Lifelong Learning Council Queensland Inc, 2013). Lifelong learning promotes learning beyond traditional schooling and throughout adult life. I believe as a future teacher that I need to instil in my students that learning does not stop at the end of their compulsory school years and that there are many ways to be able to become rich with knowledge; travelling being one of them. As I continue developing my own knowledge about teaching in a digital age; I begin to wonder what views current students have on learning by gaining a deeper understanding about what we and the world have to offer or if quick fix small bursts now, now, now information is all it will take to engage the student.

“…education should not stop when a person leaves school. The opportunities and enjoyment it offers should be available to people throughout their lives in different forms: full-time and part-time; academic and vocational, whatever will help them achieve their goals at that stage of their life.” – Higher Education: Students at the Heart of the System.


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